LCD recycling

“Votechnik Revolutionizes LCD Recycling for Safer and Faster Disposal”

Our company, Votechnik, has been featured by FORA in an article that highlights our innovative machine, the ALR4000 for recycling LCD products.

The article explains how LCD disposal is not straightforward due to hazardous components contained within, and how our machine efficiently de-pollutes LCDs of these materials.

It also highlights our company’s background, from being a research project at the University of Limerick to becoming a successful business.

O’Donoghue is the chief executive of Limerick tech recycling company Votechnik, which builds equipment for recycling to quickly disassemble LCD products.

“The machine takes the LCD and de-pollutes it of the hazardous materials contained within,” she explained.

Votechnik began life as a research project at the University of Limerick. The EPA-funded research was looking into LCD recycling and eventually led to O’Donoghue’s decision to spin it out as its own company.

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