lcd recycling

“Votechnik: LCD recycling not for the fainthearted”

The past ten years have been a rollercoaster journey for Votechnik, marked by various milestones, teams, funding, and investments. However, as the world increasingly focuses on circular economy practices, clean technologies, and green enterprise, the company’s efforts have gained greater significance. The shift in investor interest towards deep technology companies like Votechnik, which offer solutions to significant scientific and engineering challenges, reflects the changing landscape and the recognition of their potential value to society.

The current era presents an exciting time for change and progress, especially in terms of sustainable material and device usage. With growing populations and increased consumerism, the need for efficient and eco-friendly access to raw materials and recycling solutions is crucial to mitigate pollution and waste generation. Votechnik’s expertise in LCD recycling aligns perfectly with the booming demand for LCD displays, ranging from televisions to home office setups during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It really is inspiring to see the world change and focus now on acknowledging and backing deep technology companies. Deep tech companies defined as those with the expressed objective of providing technology solutions based on substantial scientific and engineering challenges with high technical risk accompanied by the huge potential value of the solution to society.”

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