Votechnik & KUKA: Feature in The International Federation of Robotics Annual Report 2022

We are delighted to be featured alongside our partners KUKA as one of the case studies in the recently released “5 case studies on Robots in Manufacturing and Beyond” by the International Federation of Robotics in their Annual Report 2022.

This informative publication explores the exciting advancements in robotics and automation, showcasing real-life case studies that demonstrate their impact in various fields.

One of the featured case studies highlights our innovative solution, the ALR4000. Developed by Votechnik, the ALR4000 is an automated application that utilizes the KUKA industrial robot KR QUANTEC to tackle the challenges of recycling electronic waste. By safely extracting components containing hazardous materials from LCD screens and monitors, our system eliminates risks to human health and contributes to the sustainable circular economy.

The article also delves into the environmental impact of LCD televisions and the urgent need for efficient and safe disposal methods. It emphasizes how our ALR4000 solution enhances throughput and productivity, processing up to 60 units per hour, a remarkable increase of 1,200% compared to manual processes. Additionally, the article highlights the reliability and load-bearing capacity of the KR QUANTEC robot, which plays a crucial role in achieving the goals of our recycling system.

Votechnik are proud to work with KUKA exploring the introduction of robotics to the recycling world.

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