Votechnik introduces the new future of recycling

Becoming a next-generation company isn’t an easy task. While many organisations are looking at ways to leverage the opportunities and transform their business on the smaller scales, we have decided to follow our vision of better tomorrow and tackle the biggest problems our world has.

To achieve our goals, we are strictly focusing on the three principles of circular economy:

  • elimination of waste and pollution by reducing the contamination from LCD & FPD TVs in the recycling process
  • reusage of the products and materials when they are still at their highest value (circulation),
  • nature regeneration (by turning waste into a resource we are reducing the need to produce new parts).

What is a circular economy?

The European Parliament describes circular economy as a production and consumption model that includes sharing, leasing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing materials and products for as long as possible. Instead of taking the materials from the Earth, make products from them, and eventually throw them away as waste, Votechnik focuses on stopping the waste being produced in the first place.

Our solutions address major infrastructure problems such as lack of recycling facilities or outdated recycling centres.  By building and shaping the infrastructure of the future, we transform recycling processes from low-quality, environmentally harmful and cost-effective into highly efficient and technologically advanced solutions, providing recycling companies with innovative techniques that add social value.

Behind the close door of Votechnik

Now, after over 10 years on the market, Votechnik opens the veil of secrecy and allow all those who are interested in the technology and recycling to meet the machine that will change the future – “ALR4000”. This titan of change, self-contained recycling plant, takes 12X7 metre of space and its 5 meters tall. Inside it, TVs and PC Monitors are picked up via robot that is moving them through a choreographed routine to depollute them of their hazardous parts and substances at incredible high speed.

If you would like to have a glimpse behind the curtain, we are inviting you to book a visit at KMK Metals Recycling, Ireland’s leading waste electronics recycling company. Witness the process of setting standards for both, sustainability and adoption of future-proof technology in real life.