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The European Commission come behind Votechnik’s technology for green impact… time for robotics….

The ALR3000 is the sister machine to the ALR4000 and primarily focuses on processing LCD TVs. This development of the series saw the integration of robotics to the system to achieve an increased process rate of 1 LCDs processed every minute and a reduction in the footprint of the machine.

Introduction to ALR3000

How it works?

Partners of the EC ReVolv Project developing the ALR3000 technology at the kick off meeting 2015, Plassey House, University of Limerick, Ireland.

The technology was developed under European Commissions Eco-innovation programme by Votechnik (project: ) and a multi- stakeholder partnership. Votechniks partners and collaborators included the WEEE Forum (International compliance scheme and stakeholder platform for waste electronics), University of Limerick, and KMK Metal Recycling. ALR3000 machine is in live operation with Ireland’s national recycler KMK Metals Recycling since 2018 processing Ireland waste LCDs.

Meet KMK:

How it’s used by KMK

Kurt and Edeltraud Kyck founded KMK in 1979 to trade metal. From garage start up to one of Ireland’s home grown largest recyclers separating metal from over 40,000 tonnes of electronics per year in their state of art facilities spanning more then 3 hectares and employing over 110 people. The company is a family run business with the next generation now leading the way in day to day operations. KMK are processing large volumes of waste electronics ~40,000 tonnes. 1500 tonnes of this is waste LCDs which is time consuming to manually disassembly to remove the hazardous components. The separation and removal of the components that contain these toxic substances prevents direct shredding of the LCDs.  

Therefore the processing options become extremely limited for these 1500 tonnes. KMKs options were manual disassembly or to export the LCDs to a specialist handler in the EU incurring processing and transportation fees. The solution to this as been the ALR3000 technology. The ALR3000 has added tremendous value to the KMK Metals Recycling processing capabilities, allowing them to process their LCDs in-house, save on exportation costs, and derive additional revenue from the separated fractions. 

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