European Commission projects

At Votechnik, we have expert experience with project coordination, project management and partnering on European Projects

Votechnik is an experienced coordinator of EC projects under Eco-Innovation, European Innovation Council and Horizon 2020. Votechnik’s particular expertise is in innovation actions and working with technologies for piloting and scaling. Votechnik both authors proposals, coordinates projects and collaborates within consortia for joint applications. Votechnik assesses strategic alignment with potential EC funded proposals and projects and participates accordingly.

Why Votechnik?

Experienced coordinator of EC projects
Votechniks personnel are listed as EC innovation experts and have performed both proposal evaluations and monitoring activities for the EC
Votechnik also author and partner in European Innovation Partnerships

How can we help?

Pre-submission proposal evaluations and recommendations
EU project partnering – Votechnik partner in EU projects undertaking roles as exploitation partner, work package leader, and feasibility studies.
Proposal writing

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