At Votechnik we focus on where technology meets business and specialise in techno-economic assessments and feasibility studies.

In many metallurgical and materials based systems, the economic modelling and markets landscape is complex as its depends on the value chain and the benefit of the technology step wise in that value chain needs to be identified and measured.

We have a niche in this field of techno-economical evaluations and feasibility assessments. Votechniks dual focused skill set, positions us well for industry and market engagement where we derive maximum value from activities such round table studies, stakeholder workshops and think tanks. Votechniks core purpose is to lead the way for piloting, establishing and replicating technologies and business models for circular economy. For Votechnik, a circular economy is an economic system aimed at eliminating waste and the continual use of resources. Votechnik applies these principles and thinking to reviews, assessments and projects.

How Votechnik can help:
Mapping industry value chains, market pulse checks and ecosystem assessments.
Industrial stakeholder workshops, congresses and think tanks including six hats methodology for round table engagement on specialist subject matter and circular economy topics.
Feasibility studies and economic modeling with a specialty in the space of metallurgy and materials science products and projects where technical knowhow is required to establish the cost basis and economical modeling allowing this to be translated into a financial model and assessment of profitability.
Design of techno- economical evaluations and end user P&Ls.
Assessment for circular economy opportunities and applications (integrating circular economy principles into your business).
Applications of circular economy business models and assessment of non traditional models for integration options (SaaS, PaaS, On-demand, licencing, leasing, strategic partnerships).
Business plan development, review and assessment.
Scaling plans
Briefings on specialist subject matter (materials, metallurgy, EC policy)
Consultation on funding applications nationally (Enterprise Ireland, Intertrade Ireland) and internationally under EC programmes Horizon2020 and Europe2020, EIC, and EIT.

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