Rare Earths Materials Recovery System


Rare Earths Recovery System
Unlock Sustainable E-Mobility with Our Innovative Rare Earth Recovery Technology

Revolutionize the Future of Electric Propulsion with Efficient Rare Earth Extraction and Recycling.

We are excited to introduce our groundbreaking Rare Earth Recovery Technology, specifically designed to address the critical need for rare earth elements in the magnets used in sustainable e-mobility solutions. As the backbone of electric propulsion systems for vehicles, planes, and more, rare earths play a vital role in realizing our vision for a greener future. With a focus on efficient magnet access, composition identification, and magnet treatment, our technology offers a sustainable source of rare earths by recycling magnets, reducing reliance on imports from China and promoting Europe’s sustainability goals.

Secure Supply for E-Mobility
Ensure a consistent and stable supply of rare earth elements for electric motors, enabling the continuous growth of e-vehicles, e-planes, and other electric propulsion applications.

Circular Economy Leadership
Position your company as a leader in the circular economy by adopting our rare earth recovery solution, contributing to the efficient and sustainable use of resources.

Cost Efficiency
Optimize your operational costs by utilizing our cost-effective Rare Earth Recovery Technology, which offers a sustainable source of rare earth elements while also reducing dependence on expensive imports.

How it works?

Magnet Access

Our advanced technology provides efficient access to magnetics within motors, ensuring precise identification and separation of rare earth-containing magnets.

Composition Identification

Utilize automation and advanced analytical techniques to identify the composition of magnets, allowing for targeted recovery and separation of rare earth elements.

Magnet Treatment

Employ specialized processes to treat the recovered magnets, enabling efficient extraction and recovery of rare earths while ensuring the integrity of the material.

Rare Earth Recovery

Our state-of-the-art extraction methods recover high-quality rare earth elements from the treated magnets, ready for reuse in the production of new magnets or other applications.

Certification and Traceability

We provide certification and traceability documentation, ensuring the quality and origin of the recovered rare earths, meeting stringent industry standards.

Embrace the future of sustainable e-mobility with our innovative Rare Earth Recovery Technology. Contact us today to explore how our advanced solution can transform your supply chain, reduce environmental impact, and drive the circular economy forward.