“Recycling Robot that Tackles E-Waste”

Votechnik is thrilled to share our latest breakthrough in the field of electronic waste recycling.

In a world where sustainability and circular usage of materials are urgent necessities, our ALR-4000 system offers a safe and efficient solution for the growing mountains of electronic waste.

“Votechnik, an Irish technology company, has developed an automated system using a Kuka industrial robot to recycle electronic waste, specifically LCD screens and monitors, which can be dangerous to dismantle due to hazardous gases and sharp edges.”

The ALR-4000 system processes electronic waste safely and efficiently, eliminating the need for human contact with hazardous materials and reducing the risk of injury.

The automated process increases throughput from five devices per hour with a manual process to 60 with robotic automation, and can operate 24/7.

Votechnik sees this technology as leading the way towards a sustainable circular economy, particularly in the consumer electronics industry, which faces significant environmental challenges due to the growing mountains of electrical waste.

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