Votechnik has an extensive intellectual property (IP) portfolio for the ALR technology series. Votechniks deep tech development in the field of LCD recycling over a 10 year period has resulted in numerous iterations and designs of the machines. Votechnik IP portfolio protects the innovative process and embodiment of the process in a “plug and play” machine offering the end user a blackbox all in one solution with integrated ventilation and filtration system for mercury at the core of the technology. As the containment of the mercury is one of the critical benefits of the technology offering safety to workers and compliance to the required environmental standards, the protection of this integrated system is the key benefit to the end user.

Votechnik IP portfolio includes

Removal of hazardous substances from LCD displays








ALR4000 Endusers & Clients

The named inventors of the intellectual property stem from the University of Limerick, Ireland where the technology was conceived under funding and commissioned project by the Environmental Protection Agency.
In addition to the patents IP, Votechniks intellectual property portfolio includes detailed proprietary information and knowhow which is regulated under non-disclosure agreements with all employees, agents and third parties.

Votechnik acknowledges its remit and duty under its acquired intellectual property rights to safeguard any misuse and third party breach of Votechniks IP and to legally pursue any such breaches occurring within the sector/industry.
Votechniks intellectual property rights affords Votechniks Endusers and Clients legal access to utilise the technology and complete freedom to operate safeguarding their investment in the technology.

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