The ALR4000 deep technology for LCD recycling is the most advanced “Plug and Play” machine available on the market.

ALR4000 is doing for the Recycling World what the TESLA is doing for electric vehicles…we accelerate change and make advanced technology affordable. We elevate your recycling facility with the best of what European Robotics Technology has to offer. Votechnik with the support of German industrial robotics KUKA and industrial automation controls Siemen AG is leading the way in advanced deep tech solutions for the circular economy of the future.
Does your facility receive large tonnage (~700+ tonnes) of waste LCDs per annum?
Are you manually disassembling these LCDs or exporting the problem?
Are you loosing revenue or barely breaking even on your in-house LCD recycling?
These are the challenges facing many SME recyclers across Europe and beyond as they deal with the onslaught of waste LCDs arriving at their recycling facility. As the relentless wave of waste displays continues to grow and expand, recyclers are struggling to keep up. In particular, SME recyclers are the backbone of the European recycling industry and are facing the harshest conditions to deal with these wastes without the capability to invest massive capital into bespoke technology development, which in turn can be risky. Votechnik have spent 10 years with highly qualified teams of engineers and scientists qualifying and derisking the technology.
Votechnik specifically focused on depollution of the displays allowing their subsequent shredding and contributing to circular economy by retaining the secondary raw materials value of these waste fractions. The ALR4000 technology meets the needs of and empowers the SME recycling ecosystem while building out the technology infrastructure needed for our cities and communities dealing with vast growing stream of waste displays.

What is the USP of Votechniks ALR4000 technology?

One of the highest processing capacity of 60-80+ displays per hour

“Plug & Play” ALR4000 machine is easily deployed at site

Fully integrated air filtration system for mercury – truly Plug & Play – easy emissions hook up

ALR4000 easy to install and commissioned within days

Full maintenance and remote monitoring capabilities

Tested and awarded EN50625 European Standard for the treatment requirements of WEEE

Fully designed to address the requirements of the WEEE directive

Highest standards awarded CE mark and European machinery directive compliance

Designed by highly qualified team of postdoctoral engineers and scientists with over 10 years testing, refinement and operation.

Technology is fully patented giving the end user a licence with full freedom to operate

ALR4000 Technical Specification

Technical Specification Parameters
Types of displays Liquid Crystal Panels (LCDs), Flat Panel Displays (FPD), Light Emitting Diodes (LED)
Category of displays  TV and Monitors
Display size range  12- 90”
Process rate (displays per hour) 60-80+
Function Depollution of the CCFL Hg and liquid crystal panels from displays
Post process requirements  Shredding of the LCD shell carcass
Machine footprint 7896 X 12433 mm
Compressed air 5 bar
Operating temperature  +6°C – 40°C
Voltage Supply 3 Phase N, PE, 400/420Vac 45A
Internet Access CAT5 /CAT6 RJ45 Plug
Filtration system Activated Carbon Filtration
Extraction system  Max 1500m3per/Hr
Operators required minimal 1
Conveyors  Standard infeed and outfeed conveyors supplied
Maintenance Remote monitoring and control; Biannual preventative maintenance schedule, Emergency repairs& works
Consumables Blades and breaker; Carbon and filter replacements; all supplied direct; 

ALR4000 Demonstration Sites

Votechnik with the support of the European Commission has developed a Centre of Excellence Demonstration site for the ALR4000 technology in Ireland. The objectives of the ALR4000 Centre of Excellence are to achieve the following:

A visible on the map technology lighthouse showing the environmental benefits of the ALR4000 technology

Showcase the contribution of the recycling plant to the Sustainable Development Goals

Record the positive impact of the ALR4000 technology on the local environment

Illustrate the economic benefit of the ALR4000

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