Indium Recovery System


Indium Recovery System
Recover Indium and Protect the Environment with Our Advanced Indium Recovery System

Revolutionary Technology for Efficient Indium Extraction from Waste Electronics.

We are proud to introduce our cutting-edge Indium Recovery System, designed specifically to extract indium from the glass panels of waste electronics. With the increasing demand for next-generation display technology and touch screens, indium tin oxide has become a critical raw material that poses significant supply chain risks, as it is primarily sourced from China. Our advanced technology not only addresses this concern but also generates a clean glass fraction that can be reused, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Secure Supply
Reduce dependence on imported indium from China by recovering this critical raw material from waste electronics, ensuring a stable and reliable supply chain for your business.

Environmental Conservation
Contribute to the preservation of the environment by efficiently extracting indium from glass panels, preventing it from being lost in landfills or incineration processes.

Cost Savings
Maximize your financial resources by utilizing our cost-effective Indium Recovery System, which allows you to recover valuable indium while also producing reusable glass fractions.

How it works?


Gather waste electronics, such as discarded LCD panels and touch screens, which contain indium tin oxide.


Our specialized technicians process the collected waste electronics, ensuring safe and efficient handling.


Utilize our advanced technology to release and capture indium from the glass panels, achieving high extraction rates and minimizing waste.


Employ our purification techniques to refine the extracted indium, ensuring its quality and suitability for reuse in various applications.

Glass Fractionation

Generate clean glass fractions from the process, enabling their reuse in manufacturing new glass products.

Compliance and Certification

Our Indium Recovery System complies with international standards and regulations, and we provide certification to validate the recovered indium's quality and traceability.

Unlock the potential of our Indium Recovery System and join the movement towards a more sustainable future. Contact us today to discuss how our advanced technology can transform your recycling and recovery operations.