Core Activities

Votechnik operates across the following core activity lines to accelerate change and lead the way for the circular economy:


Developing and piloting new technologies for circular economy from prototyping to deployment, developing the infrastructure of the future (automation, metallurgy, alchemy).


Developing business models and scaling up plans for new technologies (PaaS, SaaS, on-demand, licensing, strategic partnering arrangements).


Mapping industry value chains, market pulse checks, ecosystem assessments, industrial stakeholder workshops, congresses, and think tanks.


Reviewing of policy impact on industry, promote green deal and circular economy objectives, monitoring scoreboards toward policy objectives.


Engaging in community awareness and outreach activities, school talks, recycling challenges, and guest lectureship.

In order to achieve impact, the activity lines reinforce all aspects of circular economy, paying homage to the interconnectedness of technology, markets, policy and society. This holistic approach benefits all key stakeholders thereby smoothing the transition to change across the value chain for the adoption of new technologies and innovations. 

Votechnik are deep tech specialists in material science and technology operating across a wide range of materials systems (metals, alloys, ore, cement, plastics, ceramics) and process stages (mining, separation, processing, refining, manufacturing including 3d printing, electroforming, casting as well as by-products and residues). 

Votechnik optimises materials processes, reduces failure rates, and improves quality. In the case of new technologies, Votechnik combines these skill sets with the application of robotics and automation in order to scale up technologies.

Votechnik undertakes both lab based research, scale up, and deployment of technologies from lab to market. Votechnik operates across the whole range of the technology readiness Level 1 Technology Concept Formulation to Level 9 Proven System in Operation Environment.

We operate across the full value chain of raw materials from mining to secondary raw materials:

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