Circular Economy

Circular Economy​

Circular economy is the new Alchemy of our times.

In a world where we have realised that our use of materials is unsustainable and we now need radical change in order to stop the waste and pollution of our planet, which is putting our way of life at risk, circular economy is being talked about a lot. It is even managing to take precedence over a pandemic and being hailed as the new recovery package!

Can circular economy really save our planet and transform a pandemic?

Websters dictionary describes alchemy as …. The medieval chemical science and speculative philosophy whose aims were the transmutation of the base metals into gold, the discovery of a universal cure for diseases, and the discovery of a means of indefinitely prolonging life.

It is a big ask and now one that is come centre stage… Between 1970 and 2017, the annual global extraction of raw materials more than tripled to 92 billion tonnes. The global population is projected to significantly grow. If the material resource demands of a growing world economy and population are met with current patterns of production, consumption and associated policies and infrastructure, according to the International Resource Panel’s (IRP) projections, global material use would more than double reaching 190 billion tonnes*.
The EC in their Working Document on “Leading the way to a global circular economy: state of play and outlook” have acknowledged that the requirement for raw materials and extraction will remain alive, there the waste management plays an important role in the circular economy. Reducing the amount of waste generated, including through product design, product reuse and repair, favouring recycling (including through separate collection) and turning waste where possible into a resource will demand investment in waste prevention and reuse, collection and recycling infrastructures.

It is here, where Votechnik focuses on deep technologies leading the way with the recycling infrastructure for the future. Infrastructure that supports circular economy and the principles of alchemy.

Delivering technology & enlightened enterprise

Prolonging life through safe environment

Turning waste into a resource

Votechnik operates in markets where solutions are required:

Waste electronics

Display recycling

Photovoltaics recycling

Batteries recycling

Recovery of mine tailings

By-products reuse

Recovering critical raw materials

Developing business models for circular economy

Circular economy is the new Alchemy of our times.

Dealing with circular economy challenges requires understanding and knowledge of the entire materials value chain from mining and technology providers to waste management.

Votechnik is a task partner of the European Innovation and Technology institute (EIT) Raw Materials

Votechnik is a partner of the WEEE2020 European Innovation Partnership (EIP) of Raw Materials on waste electronics.
Votechnik is a partner of the BRAVO European Innovation Partnership (EIP) of Raw Materials on valorisation of Aluminium waste, residues and by-products.
Votechniks relationship with world-class German systems automation company KUKA introduces robotics to the world of recycling.
Votechniks relationship with world class German shredding experts Erdwich offer tailored full keyturn solutions for depollution and shredding plants.
Votechniks relationship with CONFIRM smart manufacturing centre of Ireland facilitates world class science and innovation.