Business Model and Costs.

Votechnik's win-win partnership methodological approach is based on a business model that allows flexibility and adaptability to market conditions. Votechnik operates a lease business model where the ALR3000 technology is provided at competitive pricing to the end user under a Commission Fee to the end user – this reduces the adoption cost of the commercial supply. Votechnik charges an annual Lease Fee for the technology that is calculated on volume through put usage of the machine. Therefore the recycler only pays according to his usage of the technology and has avoided high capital expenditure and risk of adopting a new technology. Under the leasing business model, Votechnik undertakes the responsibility for the maintenance of the technology. In addition the alignment of Votechnik and recycler – creates large amount of synergies where the recyclers success in the market is also Votechnik success in the market. Votechnik are keen to promote the end user sites that adopt the technology as exemplars of best practice within their countries and aid recyclers to win recycling contracts nationally and internationally. Votechnik's selection of end user sites is strategic and intended to optimise the throughput of the technology per site location giving strategic advantage to the individual end user sites.

Votechnik envisions a long term beneficial relationship with the end user adoption sites and under the agreements provides first offer of an additional processing capacities and technologies. Please see ongoing R&D for relevant technological developments to the sector. Votechnik is company of the future where expansion is through learning and building key partnerships.

Early Adopter Programme

The Votechnik Early adopter programme is where we chooses customer based on locations and experience. Where we provide preferential pricing, terms, and conditions, and early access to an advantageous new product or technology.

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