Access our technology

Access our technology

The ALR4000 is doing for the Recycling World what the TESLA is doing for electric vehicles… We accelerate change and make advanced technology affordable.

Votechniks core purpose is to the lead the way for deployment of disruptive technologies for circular economy and that means innovative business models as well. Votechnik understands the needs of the SME recycler and the vital role they play in environmental protection, circular economy and their own particular ecosystem of workers, citizens and families. Therefore, Votechnik has taken a bold step and developed a business model for the adoption of the ALR4000 technology without the requirement for heavy capital investment. If your facility is in taking more the 700 tonnes of LCDs per annum, Votechnik can offer your company a leasing arrangement for the ALR4000 technology at a set monthly fee.

While leasing may not be seen as a novel business model by itself, its use in the adoption of deep tech is novel indeed offering the end user full access to a technology with a typical cost price of six figures. Votechnik believes that in order to accelerate change, you have to accelerate the development of what is the dominant portion of the value chain, and for the recycling sector that is the SME recyclers at the coal face of the recycling and hazardous waste challenges. Votechnik offers SME recyclers the ability to adopt the ALR4000 technology with full systems supports for a set monthly fee determined according to the volume of LCDs processed.

Votechnik only makes this offer to key infrastructural recycling sites with high environmental quality controls within Europe and internationally where the impact of such a technology will be felt. Votechnik develops mutually beneficial relationships with a core understanding of the interconnectedness of all things and how each individual ecosystem affects the whole.
Votechniks relationship with each recycler we engage is not that of a mere supplier, it is a foundational relationship for us, assessed according to mutual values and objectives. Votechnik is changing the world and attracts the same elk of its partners and end users, each one being an extension of our vision for change.

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