The World has Changed ... and it's time to change with it.

Business has moved from focusing on selling products to selling services including bill pay and subscriptions (phone, internet, apps, Netflix, online music, Dropbox, accounting packages etc…). With this change, the need to retain customers became more important than ever and hence the development of the now out dated customer focused approach in order to keep customers renewing contracts on the short term. However, now a new business approach as emerged over the past 5 where the focus has shifted to the long term synergies between both partners in order for the relationships to thrive and meet the needs of all partners over prolonged periods and longer term strategies – a win-win methodology.

The Winners and the Losers.

The companies that adopt and embrace the new environment to their benefits prosper and flourish and the changing market actually represents huge opportunity for them. While those that overlook or discount the change tend to diminish and fade in comparison. Partnerships with win-win methodologies are the opportunities of the future.

$420B spent on subscriptions in the U.S. in 2015, up from $215B in 2000


The Companies who Changed and Adapted...


Boeing IBM Kellogg Proctor & Gamble Whirlpool


The Companies who didn't adapt and change...

And the Losers are:

Blackberry Compaq Kodak Nokia Pan Am

62% of Fortune 500 companies have disappeared since 1995

Today's Customer Expectations.

Recycling companies are playing a bigger and bigger part of this changing world.
This is driven by the demand on our natural resources and is evident in the new supply chain models being implemented by producers.

At Votechnik we provide solutions today which address this growing market for both recyclers and producers. Our approach is to provide solutions today that address the “here and now” need but also the future potential coming from these markets. We believe partnering with recyclers in a changing world to deliver the best outcome. Votechniks win-win partnership approach involves a risk sharing business model where the upfront capital costs required to adopt the most innovative and new technologies is shared between both partners.

Votechnik operates a business where the technology is leased to the recycling and provided at a commercially attractive cost commissioning with the annual lease fee based on technology usage. Therefore the recyclers has a flexible model where recycling costs are matched to the current recycling volumes being processed and excessive capital costs are not incurred while allowing adoption of the best available technologies on the market. The relationship focused approach incorporates a technology upgrade programme as new technologies or enhancements come online and Votechnik regular engages end users with opportunities regarding next generation product development and piloting activates which pre-funded.

This approach fosters a core relationship with the recycler that is based around Votechnik’s monitoring and support of deployed systems and technologies, the integration of new technology at facilities and the future value proofing of the recyclers business regarding their ability to secure future recycling contracts.

The OLD World.

  • Adoption to material flow evolution (CRT to FPD) challenges and changing products
  • Changing Legislation
  • Maintenance risk and poor aftermarket support
  • High CaPex
  • Competing business and revenue models

The NEW World.

  • Partnering with business and technical innovators to capitalize on the opportunity from change
  • Global technical support and maintenance for technology as part of business model, ensures risk
    mitigation. Votechnik annual fee is based on process volume therefore Votechnik is completely
    aligned with the recycler’s requirements for ensuring processing capability.
  • Alignment with your business and revenue model by reducing capex for state of art technologies
    and introducing subscription based model to facilitate this
  • Recyclers advantage to winning future recycling contracts by having access to technology.
    Votechnik is completely aligned with increasing through put usage of the machine based on annual
    fee basis and assists promoting recyclers where possible regarding ongoing business.