Votechnik’s Purpose.

We believe the resource challenges of the future must be solved today with innovation.

We work with people solving this issue to deliver the best outcome for all stakeholder.

 Votechnik products deliver critical infrastructure to enable a true circular economy.

We are innovators with a vision to address industry requirements that drive resource sustainability.

Votechnik. A brief history.

Our Core Business Principles.


We are always looking to the future. We maintain worldwide product leadership, maximize our End Users opportunities, and grow our business by consistently improving and expanding our current core products and developing new ones.

Global Market Leadership.

We are a market leader in this industry developing the most advanced technologies in line with legislation requirements and making them compatible with recyclers economic and technical requirements. We work with legislators, recyclers, smelting refineries and product producers.


We support our customers with a full range of comprehensive, unrivalled products and services to ensure total customer satisfaction, volume and growth..

International Focus.

We maintain a strong worldwide focus, we engage internationally with key stakeholders across the value chain of the recycling section and are members of key platforms including WEEE 2020 European Innovation Partnership (EIP), European Institute of Technology (EIT) Raw Materials, BRAVO EIP, Inneon Eco-Innovation Network and Critical Raw Materials Platform by WRAP UK.

Business Performance.

We seek excellent financial performance by balancing short-term performance with sustained long-term growth, investing wisely in new projects and developments and striving for flexible low costs to assure acceptable results in varying market cycles.

Social Responsibility.

We support and improve the communities that use our technologies by providing a safe workplace, encouraging and supporting community involvement regarding recycling, improving the environment and by respecting the value of each and every individual.