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Demo days

Check how Votechnik has developed the latest robotic technology to tackle LCD & FPD display recycling.

Votechnik opens its doors to allow you to meet the future of recycling – a 12X7 metre self-contained recycling plant standing 5 meters tall called the “ALR4000″– where TVs and PC Monitors are picked up via robot, moving them through a choreographed routine to depollute them of their hazardous substances at incredible high speed.

See the technology live at KMK Metals Recycling, Ireland’s leading waste electronics recycling company, setting standards for both sustainability and adoption of future proof technology.

Doors are open from July to September 2022 and we welcome visitors.

Please register and await confirmation details before making travel arrangements.

About us

Building the infrastructure of the future.

Votechnik is a company built on tangible scientific discoveries and meaningful engineering innovations solving big issues that impact the world around us. The use and consumption of materials at the current rate pose massive societal and environmental challenges. Votechnik operates across deep-tech fields of advanced materials, advanced manufacturing, automation and robotics, and the IoT offering radical technologies to disrupt markets and achieve the Circular Economy.

Our proprietary technology

Votechniks innovations represent significant research and development periods, as well as large capital investment to achieve successful commercialization for these radical technologies. The primary risk in a deep tech or hard tech development is technical risk, while market benefit is huge due to the potential value of the solution to society – this is where we play. The underlying scientific or engineering problems we are solving generate valuable intellectual property and are difficult to reproduce.

Votechnik’s mission is to speed up change in circular economy and lead Global impact.

What problems is Votechnik here to solve?

Sustainable access to raw materials, innovative business models and technologies for the circular economy world.

If Votechnik didn’t exist what would be missing in the world?

Slower development, less direction and momentum, stagnant practices in each country with growing pollution, wasted raw material opportunities, and significant loss of potential revenue streams. We accelerate change….we find the way…we lead.

How is Votechnik achieving this impact?

Tackling the biggest pollution problems with technology and business models in partnership approaches - we lead.

We develop ground-breaking technology pilots and develop the local system in partnerships to ensure thriving business.

We are global experts at large scale site management for new developments and pathways – we focus both on business models and technology.

Building and shaping the infrastructure of the future and transforming recycling from low to high tech.

We build the models and systems to replicate these innovations globally.

Sectors that Votechnik operates in:


We formulate and apply automation to scale-up of new processes.

Process design and engineering, materials flow sheets, systems layout, prototypes, robotics, machine builds.


We are material science experts with a specialty in metallurgy.

Welding, electroforming, aluminising, alloy development, casting, forming, heat treatments, electrochemical depostition, oxidaton, corrosion.


We work in the field of alchemy, turning waste materials into a resource.

Mechanical separation processes, depollution of hazardous materials, materials recovery, hydrometallurgy, gravity separation, pyrometallurgy, leaching.

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