Automated LCD & FPD
Recycling Systems

The ALR4000 is the world’s first patented
self-contained “plug & play” LCD/FPD
recycling plant, using robotics to make
recycling highspeed & profitable.

Votechniks Flagship Site

Our flagship site is located at KMK Metals Recycling, Ireland’s leading waste electronics recycler. To visit, please contact us to make a booking.

ALR4000 – State of Art & Piece of Art

Standing 12 X 7 meters in white armour, the ALR4000 is a sight to behold as our KUKA robot brings LCDs through a choreographed steps for depollution.

What to know more about Votechnik ?

Votechnik emerged from the University of Limerick, backed by the European Commission and supported by titans in the industry.
Our collaboration with KUKA Robotics is breaking limits – introducing state of the art technology to the recycling world.

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