LCD Recycling

Votechnik has developed a state of the art recycling technology which through a fully automated process removes the hazardous waste materials from LCD flat screen panels and monitors. The process has been developed to be compliant with the European WEEE Directive of 2002. The companies key metrics for the machine design include, high reliability, cost effective operation in demanding environments, low maintenance and high quality end user interfaces.

Shown below is a conceptual view of the Votechnik fully automated recycling machine. Each screen is loaded individually onto a conveyor by a worker. All processing is carried out at one central location at a rate of one LCD every 45 seconds. As example the processing of 32″ flat screen televisions which have an average mass of 14kg, equates to a throughput of 9 metric tons per day and approximately 2,250 metric tons per year.

ALR Recycling Equipment


Automation Process Flowchart:



Complete separation of the hazardous materials is achieved with the output of three distinct waste streams. These include

the LCD panel and diffuser sheets, the CCFL tubes and the LCD television / monitor shell.


Votechnik Brochure: please click to download

FandB - 1


General Operational Specifications of the Process Include:

  • Throughput ≈ 80 LCDs / Hour
  • Screen Size 17″ ++
  • All Flat Screen Makes & Models
  • Footprint < 5m x 5m


Journal of Cleaner Production 2011